I dont for one second feel that this act Joaquin Phoenix is doing is real. Its not because of drugs or because hes gone nuts. Hes doing it for attention and because hes bored. At first, I wanted to slam Phoenix for being annoying and reducing himself to an American Idol reject thats trying anything to achieve their fifteen minutes of fame. Except Phoenix is already famous, so the stunt just seems pathetic. However, hes made me watch a Letterman clip, which I havent done in years, and download his rap video. So thats got to count for something.

People keep questioning whether hes serious and I cant believe anyone believes that he really wants to be a rapper. Hes making an ass out of the paparazzi and theyre eating it up. I guess on that account, he should receive some kudos. The press is also assuming all of this is because hes on drugs. Well of course hes on drugs, but I dont think drugs have anything to do with his current behavior. I guess the old saying that no press is bad press rings true and hell, I wouldnt be writing about him if he wasnt running around town making a fool of himself. But this is a stunt I would expect a reality TV star to pull, not one of the more talented actors working today.

Over the years, many celebrities have gone on talk shows and made a fool of themselves. However, I believe that nine times out of ten, the celebrity is faking it to generate buzz about their career/show/movie/album/etc. But the closest thing I can think of to Phoenixs stunt is Andy Kauffmans girl-wrestling bit he did back in the late 70s, early 80s. The difference, of course, is that Kauffman did it for laughs and didnt really have a promising movie career to fall back on. And Kauffman was actually a comedian. But is this what Phoenix is trying to do? Is he trying to be funny? Or is he just doing it for his own amusement?

I dont knowI hear worse on the radio these days.

While were on the subject, whats up with actors claiming to retire? Its annoying when athletes retire and come back, but at least with athletes you know they will eventually have to retire. I dont think actors ever retire, they just run out of work. In fact, the only actor I can think of that truly retired is Sean Connery (because he got offers and turned them down). Its not retiring if you cant get work, its called being unemployed. But in Phoenixs case, I hope no one believes that he wont do another movie. When the publicity and money runs out from this schtick, hell be right back in front of the camera, assuming someone will hire him.

I loved WALK THE LINE, so lets get him back to doing good roles like that.

I dont have any kids, but Ive been told that whenever a kid displays erratic or obnoxious behavior to get attention, you should ignore them so they dont associate that behavior with positive reinforcement. Or is that dogs? The methodology is so close that I get confused sometimes. Either way, Joaquin Phoenix is full of shit and rather than slam him for being crazy, we should accept hes playing with us and just sit back and see how far hes willing to take it. Personally, Id like to see him get up in a real-life Detroit night club like in 8 MILE and see how he does. Now THAT would be a cool video to download.