COMIC CON: We get buried alive for Ryan Reynolds' new movie Buried

The Con kicked off with a bang for preview night (check out all the floor pics HERE and HERE), with tons of cool booths displayed for the first time, and about 90,000 people roaming the floor trying to check as much stuff out as quickly as possible.

Among the sea of awesomeness that was to behold was the Lionsgate booth, featuring rub-on tattoos from THE EXPENDABLES, and a cool looking "Get Buried" experience to help promote the upcoming Ryan Reynolds flick BURIED. The set up was simple enough: hot girls in military uniforms lock some unlucky bastard in a box, bury them, and laugh as they film their reaction trying to get out. Now how cool is that? For those suffering from claustrophobia, this probably wouldn't be a good idea. But I thought, what the hell, and gave it try...

For 15 seconds I was buried alive armed with only my Flipcam for light... and then I was free... but my experience will live on forever on the internet, along with everyone else who got buried before and after me. Check out the my buried video HERE (see video of the experience first-hand below), and get ready for BURIED in theaters everywhere October 8, 2010.

Extra Tidbit: Some dudes who got buried before me were so freaked by the experience, they were practically beating the door down to let them out.
Source: JoBlo



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