Comix-to-Flix #40

COMIX-TO-FLIX is a JoBlo.com column featuring reviews of comic book graphic novels that have been optioned to be made into motion pictures. Seeing as the universe of comic books and movies is becoming more and more connected, we figured that we may as well jump right into them as well, especially since we love both mediums to begin with. We hope that you enjoy this new addition to the site and be sure to email us with your thoughts.

Frank Miller’s Ronin
By Frank Miller



A Samurai warrior is reincarnated in the 21st century to finish the battle with a demon, Agat, which began centuries before.

The two rivals are brought into a future New York City where there is much violence and savagery. Centered in New York City is the Aquarius project that is at the heart of this conflict…

“Some may question the corporations wisdom for choosing this site for the Aquarius Complex.” – Mr. Learnid

Film Status:

There has been some talk that Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard) is likely to direct a big screen adaptation of “Ronin”. Internet gossip also has “300” alumni Gianni Nunnari producing the film. At this time this is not confirmed by IMDB as the only information regarding the film is that it will be released in 2009. .


Frank Miller is not only arguably the most influential comic creator ever, but he is also having a major influence in a town that at one time he pretty much condemned. Frank Miller has had his ups and downs in Hollywood, but thankfully filmmakers such as Robert Rodriquez have recently recognized this man’s genius and are producing Miller’s vision to its full potential.

“…and mighty Lord Ozaki died, just like that.” - Agat

Whether you agree with me or not, I really feel that Miller’s best talent is his writing. The story begins when a young samurai warrior fails at protecting his master from a demon and then vows to avenge his master’s death. We are then thrust into a futuristic New York City where a limbless man with special abilities is working for a high-tech corporation. This man is then possessed by the warrior who, along with his demon counterpart, has resurfaced several hundred years in the future. Only a master storyteller could take on a story as ambitious as this and manage to make sense of it. Of course by the time Miller lets us in on what is going on the story is over and we are left wishing for another 20 pages.

The artwork has been produced by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, The same team that brought you “300”. Anyone who is familiar with Miller’s work knows that it is as unique as his writing. For one thing Miller’s work stands out among the glossy flim-flam that is scattered throughout your local comic shop. He has a gritty anti-Disney style that is both realistic and at times feels like it might have been done by a very angry person. Of course, Miller’s stories often involve a bit of lunacy and rage and perhaps this is why his art style works so well with his writing style.

Interestingly, Ronin was originally published in 1983, prior to Rudy Giuliani’s massive campaign to clean up New York City. The New York portrayed in Ronin is one that is full of sadistic gangs and psychotic mutants. Obviously New York City’s future was much bleaker at that time.


Nothing dude, just enjoy the story.


Frank Miller is a creator that typically produces interesting, entertaining stories and “Ronin” is no exception. The story is extremely unique and fun and in the right hands would make a movie that could be just as good.

“My Lord Ozaki... I come to join you at last.”- Ronin





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