Conan still churning

Conan the Barbarian Just when we think a new CONAN THE BARBARIAN film is about to materialize, something happens to jettison it back to the production hell from whence it came. Original CONAN director John Milus (collaborating with Oliver Stone) has attempted to resurrect the ancient warrior, Robert Rodriguez recently took a stab at bringing back the beefcake and New Line had high hopes for some muscle-bound quality loincloth-wearing back on the big screen but now it seems the rights to the character have gone to Millennium Films, who aim to establish a franchise around the mighty barbarian. They also plan to start from scratch, which is easier said than done when they also plan on starting production next Spring. Who knows if Millennium will be the one to return the beefcake warrior to the big screen but considering how many others have tried and failed, CONAN fans probably shouldn't hold their breaths.

Extra Tidbit: Oliver Stone's script for the original CONAN was set in a post-apocalyptic future.
Source: Variety



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