Cool Videos: Everything wrong with Batman & Robin in just under 20 minutes

While some folks continue to decry how awful the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman is, we can always reflect on a bygone era where we truly did get the worst possible Batman movie of all time: BATMAN & ROBIN. The folks at Cinema Sins decided it was time for a refresher.

While their videos usually clock in at about five minutes or so, BATMAN & ROBIN is deserving of almost twenty minutes to capture everything that makes Joel Schumacher's 1997 bomb as bad as it is. Hell, most of these aren't even nitpicks as the movie is so blatantly cheesy and poorly made, the video is essentially the full film with a few edits here and there.

So, before you bitch and moan about Affleck being the death knell for big screen incarnations of The Dark Knight, watch this video and remember what used to be before Christopher Nolan stepped in to save the day.

Extra Tidbit: Can you believe that BATMAN & ROBIN came out seventeen years ago this summer?
Source: Cinema Sins



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