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Cool Videos: Rebecca Romijn introduces her latest product, the hand bra!


Boobs. We love them. And, probably, you love Rebecca Romijn's boobs if you're a red-blooded male familiar with Mystique from X-MEN. So, naturally, you'll probably enjoy the new "product" from Romijn, which will never make you wish you were a pair of hands more. This new comedy short from Funny or Die as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a fun little riff, but really, let's be honest, you're here to see Rebecca Romijn cup her sweater puppies and that's just fine. She's actually pretty funny in this, too, which only sweetens the deal. Romijn has done pretty well for herself throughout her career thus far and I'm always happy to hear her out on ideas like this.


Romijn can currently be seen on TNT's King & Maxwell. She can also be seen below, holding her boobs again.

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't seen Brian DePalma's Femme Fatale, it's worth it just for the blistering sexiness of Romijn throughout. You're welcome.
Source: Funny or Die



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