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Cool Videos: The Office Space Musical


There are many films that seem like they'd lend themselves well to the stage, and actually, now that I think about it, Office Space could be one of them. Comedy, drama, and easy to build sets. Sure, why the hell not?

Well someone had that idea which is where we get this clip from Office Space: The Musical, which showcases Milton and his lament over having his desk moved and his precious stapler. I can't pinpoint a source on this, though I did find that a Yale drama team did a full stage version of the film back in 2007. This is one play I wouldn't mind being dragged to.

Check out the video below via Break (it takes a minute to show up).

Office Space - The Musical - Watch more Funny Videos
Extra Tidbit: I can see a great song and dance number revolving around the destruction of the printer/copier.
Source: BreakSlashfilm



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