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Cool Videos: The trailers for the Hangover are remarkably similar...


A popular refrain among critics of THE HANGOVER, PART II is that the film is more or less just a remake of the original film. It follows the exact same beats, structure and story and just replaces Bangkok for Vegas. Heck, it even has the same trailer...

An eagle-eyed interwebber watched both trailers for the original HANGOVER and the sequel and noticed they're pretty much exactly the same. So he superimposed them onto one video so you can see exactly how similar they are...which is to say they're almost exactly alike.

Now this is an indictment on how the Hollywood marketing machine works just as it is an indictment on how similar the two HANGOVER films are but either way, it's pretty staggering to see it laid out like this. What's even more shocking is that nobody really noticed until now. Check it out for yourself below...

Source: JoBlo.com



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