Craig Brewer to direct Footloose remake

Craig Brewer, the man behind 2005's awesome HUSTLE & FLOW and 2006's uneven but interesting BLACK SNAKE MOAN, will now take the reins of Paramount's FOOTLOOSE remake.

With Brewer's entrance comes Chace Crawford's exit. The dude best known as... one of the dudes on "Gossip Girl", is exiting the project due to scheduling conflicts with the CW teen drama. New casting will commence immediately, according to Variety.

The 1984 FOOTLOOSE starred the ubiquitous Kevin Bacon "as a city kid who moves from Chicago to a conservative town that has banned dancing and rock music." Brewer and company are said to be adhering closer to the original, with the focus being on drama rather than elaborate musical numbers.

FOOTLOOSE will start filming sometime this summer. On tap for Brewer after that will be MOTHER TRUCKER, MAGGIE LYNN, and his untitled Charley Pride project.
Extra Tidbit: Chace Crawford had originally stepped in as a replacement for Zac Efron who dropped out of the film due to fear of being typecast.
Source: Variety



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