Date Night pic

A comedy starring both Steve Carell and Tina Fey is probably NBC's dream - free promo for their best sitcoms - and that one is coming true. Just to make it even better it also has Mark Ruffalo, James Franco, Mila Kunis, Ray Liotta and Mark Wahlberg. But they had me at Tina Fey - She's gorgeous, she's funny and she generates her own material. Add little nerdy glasses and it just can't get much hotter.

Shawn Levy's DATE NIGHT has Carell and Fey playing a long-married couple trying to spice up their relationship by going on a date as different people. It probably will work out, once they survived the mobsters they ran into with a case of mistaken identity.

The film only comes out next April, but until then the folks of USA Today bring us a first look with that pic down here. Even in muddy rags she's nerdy-hot!

     Carell & The Feyster in DATE NIGHT


Extra Tidbit: She's also a huge Star Wars fan! She can't be for real...
Source: USA Today



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