Dear Channing

Channing Tatum (A GUIDE TO RECOGNISING YOUR SAINTS) will star in New Line Cinema's adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel 'Dear John'. Sparks' novels have led to successful movies in the past, in particular with the Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling film, THE NOTEBOOK.

I was basically threatened at knifepoint by my girlfriend into watching THE NOTEBOOK - about a young couple of who meet and fall in love but find their love is put to the ultimate test by the young girl's disapproving parents, and the young boy's departure for the war - and while it wasn't exactly my thing, it's clear that the movie was a major hit for New Line, being screened at sleep-overs all over the world and simultaneously making girlfriends everywhere ask their fellas why they don't rennovate an old house for them.

However, that said, there's no praise for creativity here, given the plot for DEAR JOHN is that a young soldier, while on leave from the army meets and falls in love with a young girl. They plan to get married but their love is put to the ultimate test by his return to the army and what the hell this sounds exactly like the previous Nicholas Sparks book. It's about two people who are in love but are away from each other, the only thing that sounds different here is that Channing Tatum is going to join the army before he meets the girl.
Extra Tidbit: I actually really like THE NOTEBOOK.
Source: Empire Movies



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