Die Hard 5?

Hot on the heels of the Justin Long's comments that LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD is going to rock, in spite of the soft PG-13 rating, now we have some even better news! Apparently, Willis is willing to climb on board another! He told IESB.net,

“I told them I'd only do it if Len [Wiseman] was involved and Maggie Q and Justin [Long] of course. It's been since '95 so [it’s been] 12 years and 21 years is the span of all four of ‘em. So, you can see me when I'm 31 and you can see me when I'm 52. So you guys will decide."

Good news? Bad news? Stupid question? I vote the latter. Bruce Willis is bad ass and so is DIE HARD. I'll be up for as many movies as he's willing to be involved in. The only time I'm not gonna be interested in seeing John McClane get his ass-kicking on is when Willis retires and some studio tries to reboot the franchise with Gerard Butler or somebody (nothing against Butler). Hopefully, this revelation means that the movie actually is pretty good, especially if he wants Wiseman back, and even in spite of the ratings issue.
Extra Tidbit: I've had enough of looking at stills of Bruce Willis. DIE HARD is about Maggie Q too.
Source: IESB.net



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