Does JJ Abrams want YOU in Super 8? Find out...

Last night Paramount Pictures issued a mysterious press release announcing a casting call on an upcoming movie. What was so mysterious about it? They aren't revealing what movie they're casting.

A little detective work though would seem to indicate that JJ Abrams is ready to begin casting SUPER 8 and is spreading a wide net to find his three leads. The studio is looking for two boys and one girl, all around 13-14 years old with a "Midwestern feel." Josh, Collin and Natalie: these would presumably be your protagonists for SUPER 8 (though it's highly likely the names would change).

As they say in the casting call, no previous acting experience is necessary as they're looking for natural kids with energy, humor and emotion. They seem to hint a number of times they're not looking for the usual child actors ("we are looking for real kids with real emotion").

So if you fit that bill or know someone who does, how do you apply? Just head to this casting page, which includes all the details on how to submit your tape plus sides for each character they're casting (and no, the sides don't really give us much information on the film, though they do fit the description of what Abrams is doing).

Extra Tidbit: Maybe Chris Klein wants to read for one of the parts?
Source: JoBlo.com



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