Drawing a Triangle

British filmmaker Chris Smith has already dealt with a subway man-monster and crazy European forest folk, and next he's making a change of scenery and heading to everyone's favorite time-space distortion zone.

Smith is following up CREEP and the violent and entertaining SEVERANCE with TRIANGLE, which as you might expect involves that supposedly notoriously area known as the Bermuda Triangle. "It's a psychological horror film set on an ocean liner," he says. "Weirdly, it's a movie that will play in time loops, like a character getting stuck in a glitch. That's what the Bermuda Triangle is and this character has to combat her way back."

The plan is to get a bigger budget for this trippy trip than his previous horror flicks. SEVERANCE starts to roll out in the US later in May. You might recall hearing some recent blah-blah about it when the MPAA threatened to change the film's rating because they didn't like the website, the wankers.
Extra Tidbit: In CREEP, Franka Potente's character is on her way to meet George Clooney in London when she's waylaid by the underground attacker of the title.



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