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Dredd 3D snags some subtly badass banners


Dredd 656 banner

Update: we were asked to take down the magazine scans that were originally run with this article, and so down they are.

Another day, another case of DREDD being badass as usual. Though this time it's not as loudly so.  I don't know if I can take much more of the concentrated cool that is Karl Urban, so instead of trying to expound on it I'll let these banners speak for themselves.  They've earned it.

Mega City One's day of reckoning comes September 7th.

Dredd banner 1

Dredd banner 2

Dredd banner 3

Extra Tidbit: I plan to be there opening day for DREDD. Which is something I definitely didn't think I'd say back when I first heard about it, even with a script by Alex Garland and Karl Urban starring. That being said, I'm still not seeing it in 3D if I can help it.
Source: GeekTyrant



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