Eddie Murphy done?

Extra, which would never opportunistically sensationalize a celebrity story, is claiming that former funnyman turned fat-suited embarrassment Eddie Murphy is thinking about hanging up the grotesque latex and retiring from movies.

Despite the recent menace of a possible Ratner-directed BEVERLY HILLS COP 4, Murphy apparently made this statement to the trash-TV entertainment show Extra: "I have close to fifty movies and it's like, why am I in the movies? I've done that part now. I'll go back to the stage and do standup." A shame, but perhaps it's for the best -- aside from the blip of DREAMGIRLS, we haven't seen the genuinely amusing and charismatic Eddie since, what, BOWFINGER? Only the charmless pod-person from METRO, HOLY MAN, SHOWTIME, I SPY, PLUTO NASH, etc... Retirement, huh?

This supposed exit coincidentally comes just before the arrival of his latest monstrosity MEET DAVE, which by all appearances is the cinematic equivalent to having millions of feces-tainted needles simultaneously thrust into every pore on your body.
Extra Tidbit: Murphy also says he's looking for a woman with "just honesty and some other things." Those other things could quite conceivably be gravity-resistant breasts and the most awe-inspiring ass in the cosmos, maybe. Seems logical.
Source: Extra



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