Eddie The Eagle trailer promises another rousing underdog sports flick

When the title EDDIE THE EAGLE first flew across my desk, I was anticipating some sort of new franchise attempt from DreamWorks Animation, probably about some patriotic eagle who has to show everyone the true nature of friendship or whatever principle they want to call upon to inspire children in-between fart jokes.

But EDDIE THE EAGLE isn't that at all... Instead it's another of those rousing underdog sports flicks that show you the power of chasing your dream and never giving up no matter what all the detractors say. It's all about believing in yourself, even if that belief leads to you wanting to be ski jumper in the Winter Olympics.

I know we've been down this road many times before, and the formula never really changes, but take a look at this trailer for EDDIE THE EAGLE and tell me that it doesn't get you right in the sweet spot... That way I can know which of you are the heartless monsters the rest of us should avoid.

EDDIE THE EAGLE soars into theaters on February 26, 2016.



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