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Once upon a time, in a far away land, Disney ruled the animation kingdom, where genies, lions, and sleeping beauties existed in a two-dimensional world. And then the evil King Pixar came and sent his throngs of sinister digital artists and technicians to rape and pillage Disney’s once prosperous 2-D land (I understand that Pixar is owned by Disney, but bear with me for the story’s sake).

Since the realm of 2-D animation has been all but extinguished and 3-D now reigns supreme, Disney is exploring a new medium to tell its fairy tales: the world of live-action. And based on the just-released trailer for their fairy tale spoof ENCHANTED, they’re on the right track. Amy Adams (JUNEBUG), who quickly is becoming the major star she so desperately deserves to be, stars as the cartoon princess Giselle, who gets banished to the real world (New York) by a wicked Queen, where she befriends a friendly divorced lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) who shows her the ins and outs of the big city, despite her spontaneously breaking into song. Soon enough her Prince Charming (James Marsden) and the Queen herself (Susan Sarandon) end up in New York too, and well, this looks like it’s going to be massive hit for Disney. The trailer shows much promise, and I only hope this movie possesses the edge required to appeal to an older audience, while also entertaining the tots. Check the trailer out over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The fourteen minutes of traditional animation will not be done in house as most of Disney's 2D animation artists were laid off after the CG boom of the late 90's. Told you
Source: Cinematical



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