EXCL: Sarah sucks!

Check out Peter Bretter. He's the lead in the upcoming Universal comedy FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. This is him in happier times. He was so in love with Sarah Marshall. He even made these cutesy videos for her and talked about how excited he is that they're going to finally tie the knot. UPDATED with a new and even more cringe-worthy video below!

Ahhh young love. But as you've likely seen from the trailers, things turn south rather quickly as Peter Bretter has his heart broken by his famous girlfriend. She runs off to Hawaii with her new boyfriend and he's stuck at home to mope and find a way to revise his blog ilovesarahmarshall.com. Well, here's a good start. A first look at the film's teaser poster and an outdoor banner:

Yeeouch. Looks like that URL is about to change. And that's just the the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dirty laundry getting aired out. On April 18th, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL hits theaters and it could get downright ugly.

Source: JoBlo.com



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