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Exclusive: International trailer for French crime thriller Dealer


If you're a fan of flicks like TRAINSPOTTING, PUSHER, or REQUIEM FOR A DREAM then you may enjoy a snort of DEALER, a French crime thriller from director Jean Luc Herbulot. Today, we've got the exclusive international trailer for the film, which chronicles a day in the life of Dan (played by producer Dan Bronchinson) as he navigates the seedy criminal underworld while trying to complete a complicated drug deal. Shot on a low budget in order to tell the story the way it should be seen, DEALER is part of a new trilogy of films that depict the microscosm of street trades.

DEALER is inspired by the real-life exploits of Bronchinson, who says the film does not attempt to glamorize the drug trade, but to show it for what it is:

“We wanted to show that drugs are far from the best path to a dream journey. There are no praises. It's a descent into hell and the dark truth of a life in drugs."

Check out the exclusive trailer:

Here's the synopsis:

As he dreams of moving to Australia with his daughter to become a pastry chef, a Parisian small-time drug dealer accepts a one-time only, big cocaine deal. What starts as a simple score becomes a tale of survival in the local criminal underworld.

DEALER will be released on Vimeo on Demand platforms on October 1st and on all other digital platforms on November 1st.




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