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Exclusive Interviews with the Cast & Crew of Netflix's Marco Polo - Part 1


This weekend, Netflix will unveil its biggest original production yet: "Marco Polo". The 10-episode show follows the famed explorer’s adventures in Kublai Khan’s court in 13th Century China; it reportedly cost somewhere in the $90 million range, a clear sign Netflix and producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein and Ben Silverman and Chris Grant are angling this to be their very own "Game of Thrones." (Even if it is markedly different from the HBO epic.)

Below, you'll see four interviews with some of the "Marco Polo" cast and crew; yes, it's a lot, but we sure did have plenty of access to this ensemble.

First you'll see actors Lorenzo Richelmy and Benedict Wong, who play Marco Polo and Kublai Khan, respectively. After that: Zhu Zhu, who plays Marco's love interest, and Joan Chen who play's the Khan's wife and best advisor. Then we have Chin Han and Olivia Cheng as the Chinese antagonists of the series; the former wants to be Emperor while also crushing his opponent, while the latter is his conflicted sister. Finally, there's Tom Wu, who plays a blind swordsman and Marco's chief trainer, and series creator/head writer John Fusco.

Forge ahead!

Lorenzo Richelmy and Benedict Wong

Joan Chen and Zhu Zhu

Chin Han and Olivia Cheng

John Fusco and Tom Wu




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