Fergie Day-Lewis?

Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson has signed on to join the star-studded cast of the upcoming Weinstein musical NINE. She joins a cast jam-packed with Oscar winners and nominees like Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cottilard, Kate Hudson, Judi Dench and Penelope Cruz. Not bad for a girl whose only other film role was a bit part in GRINDHOUSE. Last week it was announced that Hudson would be joining the cast in a new role created just for the movie. So after casting a non-singing actress for the musical, they've cast a non-acting singer. Maybe they'll cancel each other out... Fergie will star as a prostitute who provides a young Guido (a flashback version of Day-Lewis' character) his first sexual encounter. As you might expect, it's that very encounter that forms the basis of all his female relationships throughout the rest of the film. Filming on Rob Marshall's musical is expected to begin this October in London.

Extra Tidbit: Fergie provided the voices of Lucy and Sally in Peanuts cartoons.
Source: Variety



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