Ferrell's new site

A couple of days ago I posted a link to an amusing Will Ferrell video entitled THE LANDLORD. The video's origins were a mystery, as was the identity of the young girl playing the titular lord of the land. Well the good technocrats over at Yahoo! have finally shed some light on the clip. Firstly, the girl in the video is in fact director Adam McKay's (ANCHORMAN) daughter. Secondly, the video has reached the coveted status of 'internet phenomenon', with over 2 million hits in just under a week. Thirdly, the video is the introduction to a new online venture by Ferrell and McKay called FunnyorDie.com, which is a Youtubesque user-generated content video site focusing solely on comedy.

However, to make things interesting, Ferrell has added some bloodlust to the shenanigans and has turned the whole thing into a competition of sorts. Users will vote on which content they like the best, and the poorly rated videos will be banished to the Crypt. Not only that, but the makers of the videos will be arrested, publicly humiliated, and then hung in the town square, for all to see. I personally think that's taking it too far, but I suppose Will Ferrell is serious about his comedy. Visit FunnyorDie HERE, and read the article HERE, which includes a small interview with Paraguayan ex-NFLer, Gary Sanchez.

Extra Tidbit: According to Ferrell and McKay, you can expect to see more digital shorts featuring their Hollywood hotshot friends.
Source: Yahoo!



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