First angst-filled Eclipse scene and a BTS featurette to match

I've got a pair of videos for all you closet TWILIGHT fans out there who are too scared to comment because of the legions of thumbs down headed your way.

The first is an actual scene from the new film, ECLIPSE, and it's the first one we’ve seen so far. It features Edward and Bella discussing the pros and cons of vampirdom, which I’m pretty sure mirrors an identical conversation that has taken place in the last two movies (“It’s a hard life, I know the consequences, you’ll lose everyone you love!”). Yeah OK, but you're a f*cking VAMPIRE.

Next, we’ve got a behind the scenes featurette which talks about how action packed the new film is because there’s a good vampire/werewolf/bad vampire “war” going on, which the stars promise “the boys will like.” To be fair, I will admit to releasing a slight smile when watching pansy vegan vampire Edward get powerslammed through a bench in a Volturi high chamber in NEW MOON.

Check them out below and see what, if anything, David Slade is bringing to the table this time around.

Angst scene:


Extra Tidbit: And there's still TWO more after this one?
Source: JoBlo.com



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