First Joker pics?

It feels like I’m posting a Ledger-as-Joker story every other day, but I can’t help it. There are just so many great photoshopped pics of him as the Clown Prince on Google images that I just love using for these pieces. Superherohype has posted what appears to be the first pictures of Ledger on the set of Batman sequel THE DARK KNIGHT. Yes, they’re blurry, yes their speculative, yes they’re sterile, and yes they’re great.

There’s a random crew member photographed next to him on set. It must be weird to have Ledger in the Joker costume roaming the set all day, knowing that thousands of fanatics are dying to see what he looks like. Also, if this turns out to be him, let's hope his hair is a tad more stylized than what we're seeing, because now it simply looks like Ledger’s regular hairstyle died green. Check out the pics HERE. and see if it's really him?

Extra Tidbit: Rumour has it that Warner Bros. will release an official picture of Ledger as the Joker soon to render impotent articles such as this one.
Source: Superhero Hype



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