Forster chooses Jury

This always amazes me. Marc Forster has barely begun work on the 22nd Bond film and already his next project is all but being announced. Variety reports that Forster is attached to an adaptation of the British miniseries THE JURY. The original series revolved around the trial of a young Sikh student charged with killing a classmate. But here's the catch: the movie is about the jury (hence the title) and their progression towards a verdict. Forster has recruited Beau Willimon to write the script after reading his acclaimed play FARRAGUT NORTH.

Forster has THE KITE RUNNER opening on November 2, but of course, all eyes are on the director to see what he can do with the Bond franchise. I personally think James is in fine hands, after films like MONSTER'S BALL and FINDING NEVERLAND. TRAFFIC was another British miniseries that hit the big screen and look how that turned out, so hopes are justifiably high for this one.

Extra Tidbit: The first film Forster saw in theaters was APOCALYPSE NOW.
Source: Variety



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