Foster is Messenger

Ben Foster has signed on to star in the film THE MESSENGER for ContentFilm. He will play a young army officer who is stuck working with a dude he can't stand, in what is effectively the least desirable job in the army. I'm not sure what that job is, but the one Gyllenhaal had cleaning up people's shit in JARHEAD seemed like rock bottom to me. The plot thickens when he falls in love with a soldier's widow. It's cool he's getting a starring role, since Foster is one of my favourite actors at the moment. There'll probably be something to happen where he wigs out and goes ape shit at someone, since when you sign Foster up, you're signing up the capacity to go completely insane. This dude always looks like he's on the verge of breaking down and bitch-slapping the shit out of somebody, am I right? Oren Moverman makes his directorial debut after having co-written I'M NOT THERE with Todd Haynes.
Extra Tidbit: Foster is going out with Lenny Kravitz' daughter.
Source: DarkHorizons



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