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Get your first sneak peek at Michonne on season three of The Walking Dead


Like many of you, I was watching the marathon of THE WALKING DEAD over the weekend. It was funny that as soon as I turned it on the first thing out of Lori's mouth was, "Carl, stay in my sight." Carl then managed to not stay in his mother's sight for the rest of the episode. Lori also didn't look for him either. He's probably down by the creek playing with knives or zombies or sticks or something, but let's get really distraught when he gets into big trouble...

Anyway, during the latest episode of THE TALKING DEAD on AMC, a new clip featuring Michonne debuted on the show. This clip is under a minute, but oozes badassery. My personal favorite zombie killing weapon? A katana. They could not have found anyone better than Danai Gurira to play this part.

Check it out below.

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