Gilmore on big screen?

 Gilmore scene - can't say more, I know not!

I have to admit I never watched a single episode of the WB/CW show "Gilmore Girls", but I did hear good things about it and since it's one of the shows that carried the smaller of four networks, I'm guessing there's a few fans of it in here.

Show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino wasn't a fan of the last season though, having left the show by then. So her own vision of how it should've ended never got realized, and she won't say what it is because "If there is a movie in the making, I'm going to be basically delving back into where I left off."

Talking to EW's Ausiello, Palladino didn't say it IS happening but was clear she was hoping it will be, if someone out there's listening. “If I thought it was definitely not going to happen, I would say, ‘No, it’s definitely not going to happen. I think that the beauty of Gilmore, and the beauty of family relationship shows is, you never really run out of story. You’re going to battle your family until you’re all in the ground. Ten years later, there’s still going to be material there to mine and to delve into.” Obviously, she's met my folks...

She might be talking about it vaguely, a film based on the show is still something that could definitely happen sooner rather than later. The two stars of the show haven't been exactly slummin' it lately and probably won't be a problem to get signed, and SEX & THE CITY already proved there's a market for that sort of thing. So fans of that one, what say you? Don't be shy now.

Extra Tidbit: Reminds me that somebody recently, can't remember who, was calling for a West Wing movie. Just wanna point out there IS one, it's called THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT.
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