Here's Marmaduke

Let's be honest: no one under the age of 80 thinks "Marmaduke" is any funny. There are entire websites devoted to pointing out the inanity of Marmaduke's daily adventures in the funny pages. So I don't think anyone is really looking forward to his big screen shenanigans except for kids too young to know better and parents just looking for a 90-minute nap.

But regardless, MARMADUKE is coming. A teaser trailer will be in theaters with ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKUEL and USA Today has a look at what would appear to be a poster (sans title and billing block). And if I have to be keeping it real, I'll say that the look of Marmaduke isn't as immediately offensive as, say, GARFIELD or SCOOBY-DOO was. I suppose because Marmaduke was drawn rather straightforward as a Great Dane and....Jesus Christ I'm spending way too much time talking about MARMADUKE. The pic's to the left.

Extra Tidbit: Owen Wilson voices Marmaduke in the film.
Source: USA Today



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