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Here we have two new posters for your perusal. The first is a tasty new poster for David Wain's upcoming comedy THE TEN, which is a composite of ten stories, each inspired by the Ten Commandments, and which stars a host of recognizable peeps including Jessica Alba, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, Gretchen Mol, Winona Ryder, Oliver Platt, Ken Marino, Liev Schreiber, Arrow co-star Famke Janssen, Adam Brody and lots more.

The second is for Ethan Hawke's directorial effort THE HOTTEST STATE, which tells the story of a young writer struggling to make it in New York who's having problems with his singer/songwriter girlfriend. Said girlfriend is played by the deliciously gorgeous Catalina Sandino Moreno and that's really reason enough to see the film. THE TEN opens August 3rd and THE HOTTEST STATE opens August 24th, both in limited release.

The Ten

The Hottest State

Extra Tidbit: Check out an international poster for THE HOTTEST STATE HERE.
Source: Impawards



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