I Still Be All Legend

While megastar Will Smith dances around what might happen with the intended OLDBOY remake, we're hearing equally disquieting murmurs about what's going on with the planned follow-up to his massive post-apocalyptic flick I AM LEGEND.

Although it was officially announced as a prequel set before the global viral devastation, AICN has caught wind of some changing winds. Word is that the studio wasn't hip to Smith's (and writer D.B. Weiss') ideas for the prequel, which would fill in the gaps in Neville's existence before his lonely New York nights. Apparently instead they want a straight sequel.

How will it be possible to take place after the events of I AM LEGEND, you might ask, when [SPOILERS!] Smith's military scientist appeared to be quite thoroughly immolated? Who knows, but that seems to be what Warner Bros. want either way: more of Smith battling rubbery mutants. Director Francis Lawrence is presumably still involved.

Extra Tidbit: Perhaps they'll go the twin brother route, in which case I will cheerfully say "F*ck you" and then go watch THE LAST MAN ON EARTH and THE OMEGA MAN instead.
Source: AICN



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