"I'm F*cking Matt Damon" director to helm Desperados with Isla Fisher?

Ready for DESPERADOS? A film that's being described as "a female-oriented THE HANGOVER"?

That actually doesn't sound bad, what with Universal looking to make this a potential star vehicle for Omanian hottie Isla Fisher. Toss in a few more choice babes and some smart, raunchy humor and you've got potential gold, Jerry. Gold!

Then I read THR's description of DESPERADOS, and basically, it sounds exactly like ROAD TRIP: "The story is about a woman who sends an indignant email to her new beau, who has gone silent after they have sex, only to discover he's comatose in a Mexican hospital. Panicking, she races south of the border with her friends in tow to intercept the email before he recovers."

The comedy will come from director Wayne McClammy (BOLDLY GOING NOWHERE, "The Sarah Silverman Program."), best known because the internet told me so for directing the very funny I'm F*cking Matt Damon and I'm F*cking Ben Affleck videos seen on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".

DESPERADOS hopes to begin production by the end of the year.
Extra Tidbit: Here are the F*cking Matt Damon and Ben Affleck videos. They really were pretty funny, and I totally forgot that Brad Pitt made an appearance in the Affleck one. Good stuff!



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