Indy trilogy denied

Indiana Jones IV Yesterday we told you about the IESB's claim that both Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf, before signing on to INDIANA JONES AND THE POSSIBLE HIP REPLACEMENT, had agreed to multi-picture deals to presumably continue the adventures of Indy well into his adorably senile years. The MTV Movies Blog, however, decided to question LucasFilm directly about this and got the following response from John Singh, Lucasfilm’s Director of Publicity: "Are you kidding? If this motherfucker makes a shitload of money, even after Harry's dead, we're gonna use his corpse to CGI his ass into more sequels! George [Lucas] hates all these goddamn "live" actors anyway!" Ok, what he really said was, "That’s purely a rumor. Idle chatter among Internet fans." Of course, he could be bullshitting to deflect attention away from the news, though the standard response for deflective bullshitting is "no comment". We'll see how all this plays out. In the meantime, INDIANA JONES AND THE LOOMING INCONTINENCE PROBLEMS opens May 22nd, 2008.

Extra Tidbit: An earlier version of the INDIANA JONES IV script had Indy marrying John Hurt's character in order to take advantage of lucrative same sex partnership benefits (Note: that's completely made-up).
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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