INT: Jason Segel

It’s always nice to see hard work pay off. Especially in the case of perseverant and once struggling actor Jason Segel. A member of camp Apatow since 1999, he worked with the director-writer-producer on "Freaks and Geeks," "Undeclared" and most recently, KNOCKED UP. Inevitably, the two reunited when Segel wrote an incredibly funny and relatable script to self-star in and Apatow to produce. Hence, the much anticipated flick FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL was conceived.

I recently had the sweet pleasure of sitting down with the sensitive actor on the breathtaking island of Oahu to chat about his brainchild, being comfortable literally in his own skin, getting dumped, working with Apatow and his several upcoming projects. It’s safe to say that in the case of this giant, adorable teddy bear, nice guys won’t be finishing last. After all, those who once broke his heart, will be crying now. Segel is most definitely and well deservedly having the last laugh. Check out the our repartee below and be sure to catch the film tomorrow.

Source: JoBlo.com



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