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Paris Hilton seems to be loved, loathed or looked at by everyone in America . She’s everywhere – books, music, TV, and now…movies. Will she continue to dominate the media, or has she moved past her pop culture expiration date? Only time will tell. JoBlo.com recently sat down with Paris to talk about her role in the new film HOUSE OF WAX, plus about producer Joel Silver, and the future of all things Paris .


What was it like for you, with this being your first major film? Was it scary?

It was really exciting, to be able to do one of Joel Silver’s films. When I got the call, I was like so…excited. It was fun, it was a great experience.

Have you turned down lots of other projects?

Yeah, I got sent over 100 scripts, and I turned down every single one.

What was it about this one that made you think “alright, let’s go forward with this”?

I didn’t even read it, just because he (Joel Silver) called I was just like okay, send me the script, and then I read it, and I really liked it, and then he sent me Jaume, the director’s reel. He did some really cool…I think it was like a beer commercial in Japan , with Brad Pitt dancing in it, and it was really hot. I was like “this guy’s a good director, and it’s Joel Silver.”

Are you a fan of horror movies?

Yes, very much.

Have you seen the original HOUSE OF WAX?

Yes, I went and bought it that day. Ours is hotter than that one.

In what way?

Vincent Price is not as hot as me and Elisha.

I take it you would prefer to do a modern horror film, then do something that was a period piece?

That would be fun, but this is better.

What are your favorite horror movies?

I love like, the Freddy Krueger movies, those were always so scary and POLTERGEIST.

I even like SCARY MOVIE and SCREAM…they’re really fun.

How were you on the manner of your death in the film?

I thought it was the coolest death scene in the movie. It looked really good. I was excited about that. (Note: At the screening that I attended, the audience burst into applause during this scene)

Was it really important for you to be able to be killed in the film?

I thought it would it would be fun, if you’re in a horror film I think you have to die!

Did you have to be cast for the wax replica?

Yes, I hated it. They put like, straws in my nose, and I couldn’t breathe, it was so scary.

How long did that last?

An hour or something.

What’s next for you in terms of feature film projects? Do you have something in the pipeline?

I just finished, I wrapped last week, a movie called BOTTOMS UP, which is a romantic comedy. Now I have a couple of other projects lined up that we’re doing. And I’ll be going to Greece in September to do another film.

What’s your character in BOTTOMS UP?

I play Lisa Mancini, who’s like this Italian girl, and her father’s the head of this movie studio, and all this stuff happens. And basically, people think she’s going to be stuck up as well, but they find out that she runs her own homeless shelter and she does all these things, and she’s sweet and cute.

What was it like going from a horror movie to a romantic comedy?

It was great. It wasn’t all bloody and running around freezing in the forest!

This actually wasn’t your first horror film was it?

No. I did like…something in London, like 8 years ago, it was like a student film


Was that NINE LIVES?

Mm-hmm. I never even saw it.

Did you have reservations about this because that didn’t do too well?

You know, that was like a student film. Someone said it was on dvd…

Lion’s Gate released it and you’re all over the cover.


How would you characterize your strip scene? Would you say it was hot?

Really hot, yeah. I was so nervous to do that, because when you see your body really huge, you’re like, scared. But it looks really good.

Did you practice?

No. I had my song playing…I don’t like the song they picked. Sorry Joel.

What song was it?

“Screwed”. It was like me singing and dancing, so I could dance sexy and feel comfortable. It’s my single from my album.

When does your album come out?


Most of your scenes are with Robert Ri’chard. What was it like working with him?

He’s so sweet. I saw him in COACH CARTER. He’s a good actor.

Do you take acting lessons?


For how long?

I’ve been doing Meisner for three and half years. But I’ve always done…like since first grade I’ve done every single play, and I was always the lead. As a child I’ve grown up always wanting to act.

Why do you like acting?

I just love it, and I love being there, being on set.

Who’s your inspiration?

I love Marilyn Monroe.

What was it about her?

I think like me, she didn’t really care what anyone thinks, she was happy, smiling, and she just…I don’t know, I just thought she was always so beautiful, and she just seemed magical.

Do you prefer reality TV or doing movies?

I love both. I love my show THE SIMPLE LIFE. It’s fun. I get to be myself. But then it’s fun to not be myself.

Do you want to act long term?

Yeah. I’ll have kids and stuff like that, so I’ll only do very few special projects. I just do it because I love it. I’m not doing it to be famous or doing it for the money. I’m doing it because I love it.

Is there a dream project that you would like to do?

I really want to do a movie with the Farrelly Brothers. I’ve seen THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY so many times, I just watched it last night. They’re so funny. All their movies are so good.

You’re cross pollinating over into so many forms of media. Do you worry about overexposure?


Why is that?

With me, I’m a brand, and that’s how I am, I’m not categorized as one thing. I don’t know…people love it!

When did you figure out your brand? Who you were going to be?

I always wanted to build a brand, when I was younger…like Barbie is a brand. I knew that I could be like that…American Princess. I love Princess Diana.

What do you think made the SIMPLE LIFE such a successful show?

I just think it’s a fun show. You get to see me doing things I would never do. People would love to see me milking a cow, or working at McDonald’s, doing all these jobs that I would never do, I’ve never had to do these things in my life. I think it’s funny to see someone so out of their place. I love it, I think it’s fun to watch.

Are you going to do another season?



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