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Interview: Savages Stars Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson and John Travolta

Jul. 5, 2012by: JimmyO

Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson play a couple of unlikely best friends in Oliver Stones feature film adaptation of Don Winslows thrilling novel SAVAGES. Along with the two talented actors is John Travolta in a scene-stealing performance as a corrupt federal agent. While it is usually somewhat difficult when interviewing three actors at one time in a short period of time, each one of these guys made it very easy.

Truth be told, I think Aaron Johnson is one of the best young actors working today and both he and Kitsch are perfect in SAVAGES. Yet I grew up watching GREASE, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and one of my favorite Brian De Palma films BLOW OUT. All of which starred the iconic and yes, legendary John Travolta and it was so very cool to meet the man in person. He is one of the nicest guys around and I dont give a f*ck about anything other than that well except that SAVAGES opens this Friday at a theatre near you.

My character is pretty rough as far as what he is up to...



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Latest Movie News Headlines

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