INT: Thornton/Scott

I like Billy Bob Thornton. In fact, I like him more and more. He is hit and miss with his career film choices, although he is almost always spot on… but when he’s good, he’s great. You got MONSTER’S BALL, SLING BLADE, ONE FALSE MOVE, A SIMPLE PLAN and a few others that really show what this guy can do. He is always working and he always has a cool film waiting in the wings while he does something with maybe a little less substance to keep working. He is currently trying to make a film about a man named Floyd Collins who back in the 20’s was trapped in a cave, creating a major media circus. He is currently searching for financing for the film. And now, he appears in MR. WOODCOCK in one of his trademark bad ass roles.

Also starring with Billy Bob is Seann William Scott who plays the dude who was terrorized by Mr. Woodcock in school. Seann is one of the few actors who have really been able to move on from AMERICAN PIE. You know the guy… Stifler, the dude with the horny mom. He’s a funny guy who also has taken on a few comic/action roles in THE RUNDOWN and BULLETPROOF MONK. You will also see him in SOUTHLAND TALES when they finally release it.

When I sat down with both of these gentlemen to talk WOODCOCK at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, it was a very pleasant experience. As I mentioned, I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Thornton. He is honest, he treats others with respect and he still is a good ole boy at heart. Both he and Seann seem to be very comfortable with each other and I really was surprised at how down to earth Seann is. So check out the interview below, and if you want to bring up old junior high school memories, MR. WOODCOCK opens in theatres this coming Friday, September 14th.

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