Is Marvel working on an Agent Peggy Carter series for ABC?

Is there a serious lack of Agent Peggy Carter in your life? Prepare to have that void filled as the character may be getting her own series on network television.

Marvel is apparently developing an Agent Peggy Carter series for ABC. The project is currently in early development, but will Hayley Atwell reprise her role? According to Deadline there is no certainty on that subject. However, sources close to The Playlist say that she will take on the series with shooting beginning next year.

Atwell is busy getting roles here in the States as well as across the pond so her schedule may be a little tight. While Marvel has been known to do the switch-a-too with actors for certain roles, I think that Atwell perfectly embodies Carter. Then again, I thought Edward Norton made a great Hulk then Mark Ruffalo came along and did a great job as well.

If they dared to replace Atwell, who do you think would be an ideal candidate?



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