Jake Johnson is joining the ranks of The Mummy reboot

Add Jake Johnson to the cast of Universal's reboot of THE MUMMY for their in-the-works Classic Monster-verse.

The NEW GIRL co-star will be joining Tom Cruise as a member of the military who no doubt is caught in the middle of the rise of the film's new Mummy villain, this time played by Sofia Boutella, Cruise will be playing a former Special Forces soldier, and, from the sounds of it, Johnson may be a sidekick of some sort, given that the role was tailored specifically for him. Given his on-screen persona in NEW GIRL and films like JURASSIC WORLD, DRINKING BUDDIES and LET'S BE COPS, it would make sense for Johnson to portray the smart-ass comedy relief type that adds a bit of levity to some intense situations from time to time.

Annabelle Wallis most recently entered into talks to join the film, so it appears that the ball is really starting to roll toward THE MUMMY's production start, set for April.

As someone who's been a fan of Johnson's work for awhile, I'm always glad to see him as a part of anything I might have interest in seeing. This is a pretty nice score to rounding out THE MUMMY cast.

THE MUMMY rises again in theaters on June 9, 2017.



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