John Goodman to antagonize the Wolf Pack in The Hangover Part III

Todd Phillips has a dream for THE HANGOVER PART III...to cram as many people in one movie as he possibly can.

Most the roles for the film are filled as of now. However, there is one juicy role left to be cast, and it might be filled by a great man. That man is John Goodman. Word has it that the character Goodman might play would serve as the antagonist in the vein of the character Paul Giamatti played in HANGOVER 2. This would also be a smaller part.

Phillips does have a dream list of people he'd like to get for the final installment including Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr.

As I've stated before, we still have no official plot. There's a possibility that the film will involve the Wolf pack breaking Alan (Zach Galifianakis) out of a mental institution.

If you need your fix, go see PARANORMAN this weekend and hear the sweet sounds of Goodman.

Source: Variety



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