Kate Beckinsale is returning to fangs and tight leather for another Underworld

If you were hoping stunner Kate Beckinsale would again slip into form-fitting combat garb to kick, punch, stab and shoot more werewolves and vampires, wish fulfilled!

Beckinsale is coming back for a fourth UNDERWORLD movie, reprising the role of vicious death-dealing bloodsucker Selene (she skipped the third one, leaving the sexy prequel carnage to Rhona Mitra). But her hubby, original UNDERWORLD 1 & 2 director Len Wiseman, won't be returning with his big bag of blue filters.

Wiseman is still producing, and an alternate director is currently being sought. No word on the storyline yet, but they're looking for an actress to play Selene's daughter. Production is set to start in March of 2011 in Vancouver.

The project is penned by John Hlavin with revisions with J. Michael Straczynski, who recently wrote Clint Eastwood's CHANGELING. Hlavin’s writing credits include the cable cop show "The Shield".

We haven't seen much of Beckinsale recently (unless you made it through WHITEOUT or EVERYBODY'S FINE), so at least it'll be good to see her back in action.

Extra Tidbit: I thought the second UNDERWORLD was pretty fun. (The first, less so.)
Source: JoBlo.com



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