Kevin James' nation

I watch KING OF QUEENS religiously. Part of the reason for that is because James is pretty funny, part of it is because Ben Stiller's dad Jerry has his moments, but mostly it's because I think I might be a little bit in love with Leah Remini. Anyway, I've seen enough on that show to believe James can be good in his own movie, even if it's written by the guy who wrote JOE SOMEBODY. I could probably decide a little better based on the trailer to his upcoming flick I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY if I could pay attention to anything other than Jessica Biel in that thing, since they could have footage of the actual rebirth of Christ in that trailer and I'd still be like 'yep, his beard looks g-look, now she's dressed as Catwoman!!'.

ONE NATION follows an average guy who, shortly after inheriting a plot of land, finds that the land is a nation unto itself and he is now the owner of a sovereign state. The screeplay is by John Scott Sheperd (LIFE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT) and no director is as yet attached.
Extra Tidbit: James went to high-school and university with the wrestler MANKIND!
Source: Dark Horizons



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