Larry, Moe, and Curly may have a cure for being a Stooge

THE THREE STOOGES marketing wants you to think of the three knuckleheads not as morons, but rather the poor sufferers of a terrible disease. But, luckily, there may be a treatment. Watch this video to find out about Stoogesta.

Just like Stoogesta, THE THREE STOOGES is probably not for everyone. There is a lot of hate for this movie online from people complaining that it looks stupid. It makes me wonder if any of those people have ever watched a Stooges film. Guess what? They are all stupid! That is the point of THE THREE STOOGES! There is no way that any modern film is going to successfully channel the classic slapstick and appear realistic or original. The point is to see three morons hit each other and get hurt as if they were real life cartoon characters.

THE THREE STOOGES pokes you in the eye April 13th.

Extra Tidbit: Kate Upton and Sofia Vergara make this worth seeing. Boobies.
Source: YouTube



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