Top 12 Great Wet T-Shirt Moments

Often gratuitous, never subtle, and almost always worthy of the pause button - the wet t-shirt scene can jump start careers, save horrible movies, ruin great movies, make you miss important dialogue, destroy marriages, scar children, start puberty, and kill small animals. It's sad to think of how many quality scenes like this I've missed over the years which is why I decided to stick with my own personal highlight reel. Please feel free to add your favourites below with working links to screen-caps and/or video. Let us begin.

1. THE DEEP (1977)

Rosie O'Donnell says this scene made her realize she was a lesbian. Jacqueline Bisset says she regrets the way it was filmed and felt exploited. Many people credit this moment for creating the wet t-shirt contest craze which means this list wouldn't exist without it. Whatever the case, thanks.

2. SPIDER-MAN (2002)

I think the entire world felt a sudden awkwardness when SPIDER-MAN premiered and legions of comic book fans got to see Mary Jane's nipples. Kirsten Dunst filled the part out nicely but failed to top the scene with more wetness in SPIDER-MAN 2. Can we expect some sort of water balloon fight between her and Gwen Stacy in SPIDER-MAN 3?


Again, not a t-shirt. Who cares though? Elisha Cuthbert could show up at your door in a XXL knitted turtleneck and snow pants and you'd still invite her in for some alone time by the fireplace. I have a life-size cardboard cut-out of that image standing outside my bathroom door. My wife doesn't talk to me much anymore.


The humour was long gone from this series of films by this sequel so it was time to release the hounds. Leslie Easterbrook's breasts might as well have been included in the credits for the role they played in these movies. They probably should have won some awards too.

5. SUMMER CATCH (2001)

Good God Ms. Biel. What the hell did Freddie Prince Jr. ever do to deserve to be in a scene like this? If it were me we'd still be filming. Six years of; "Yeah, I don't think we got it yet Jess. Can you get back in the pool and get out again?" And there wouldn't be any towels for miles.

6. OLD SCHOOL (2003)

T-shirts soaked in water is one thing, but K-Y Jelly is whole different lubricant. The ladies remove their tops one second after the capture above, rendering all mystery and importance of the scene useless. Unless, of course, you're writing an article about wet t-shirt scenes. You're my boy Blue!


See that scene above? It takes less than five minutes to watch. Find it, watch it, return it. There's nothing else of interest here. Carmen Electra and wet t-shirts go together like Vida Guerra and thongs. Exactly like that - neither woman should ever wear anything but.


I know it's not really a t-shirt but I'm pretty sure this is the only time Bo wears anything in this whole movie so I just went for it. We definitely need more actresses like Bo Derek nowadays, and not just starring in adult movies. Her absolute hatred of clothing did wonders for the scripts she chose and actually saved studios millions in wardrobe expenses.

9. WILD THINGS (1998)

Denise Richards gets a little wet while washing Matt Dillon's Jeep so she decides to go in and get raped instead of drying off. It's all an elaborate hoax of course, Matt Dillon's Jeep wasn't even dirty. Denise liked the look so much she did it again for the last half hour of THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH but I couldn't find any pictures because Wettshirtscenes.com doesn't exist yet. F*cking internet.


Probably the most productive wet t-shirt scene ever as Jessica Biel chops off Leatherface's arm, steals a baby, hotwires a car, runs over a Sheriff three times, and escapes hell on Earth. All that and I'm pretty sure she could kick my ass if she had to. Believe me, if we ever meet, she'll have to.

11. KANGAROO JACK (2003)

I never thought KANGAROO JACK would make a Ten Spot (not even for the Top 10 Movies With Kangaroos) but here it is. And there's Estella Warren turning a family movie into soft-core porn. Here's a funny (if a little off topic) tidbit - IMDB says if you enjoyed this title, their database also recommends TERMINATOR 3, ROAD HOUSE , and ICHI THE KILLER. Awesome.

12. AS GOOD AS IT GETS (1997)

Somewhere in the middle of winning four straight Emmy Awards for her work on "Mad About You", Helen Hunt showed off her glistening womanly attributes to Jack Nicholson and won an Oscar for her troubles. Jack even won an Oscar for looking at them. I won nothing, except a new appreciation for "Mad About You".

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