Lopez has Plan B

Jennifer Lopez will star in PLAN B for CBS films. Written by Kate Angelo (Will and Grace), the film follows a single woman (J-Lo) who turns to artificial insemination only to meet the man of her dreams the same day she gets her positive pregnancy test results would you believe the luck because I sure don't.

One of my girlfriend's vapid friends was actually defending Jennifer Lopez' catalogue of work the other day and told me I hated her work because I didn't know how to relate to it. Is that really how you people defend her stuff? Needless to say I can't relate to being artificially inseminated, and neither can I relate to the plight of an unlucky in love wedding planner, nor a hotel maid masquerading as a rich socialite. But presumably then you people think since TDK was my favorite film of the year, I must be a wealthy masked vigilante in my spare time or something.
Extra Tidbit: Lopez' debut album went 6 tims platinum.
Source: Variety



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