Machete poster

This has been kicking around for a while, but I don't believe we posted it before and it seems to suddenly be making a resurgence on the internets, so here it is in all its retro-trash glory: the one-sheet for the theoretical feature of MACHETE. The image is part of the GRINDHOUSE behind-the-scenes book (you can still get that HERE), which is jammed full with all kinds of similar goodies, and a small version of the poster is also apparently available at Hot Topic.

If you didn't know, MACHETE was Robert Rodriguez's faux-trailer submission and one of the highlights of the GRINDHOUSE experience. As for an actual MACHETE feature, it remains to be seen if we'll ever get one. Our favorite tattooed ruffian Danny Trejo discussed the possibility of a straight-to-vid flick last year, but the whole GRINDHOUSE experiment wasn't exactly a lucrative venture and things have since been quiet regarding the vengeful Mexican. But even if a full-length MACHETE never becomes a reality, at least it had a cool poster...


Extra Tidbit: There have already been MACHETE movies -- a 1958 adventure flick and a 2006 Mexican cheapie, both of which suffered from a distinct lack of Trejo.
Source: JoBlo



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