Matthew Vaughn and co-writer reworking X-Men script

Sometimes news isn't so much "news" as it is confirmation of something you pretty much already expected would happen and that's precisely what we have here. Matthew Vaughn, who recently signed on to direct X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, will be rewriting the script with his KICK-ASS partner Jane Goldman. While Goldman looks like she could probably star in X-MEN, Goldman has worked with Vaughn on three films and will do a rewrite on the script that had previously been worked on by Josh Schwartz and Zack Stentz & Ashley Edward Miller.

The news was confirmed by Goldman's husband and popular British TV personality Jonathan Ross who tweeted last night, "Also, for those who need to know, my wife IS currently writing X men First Class." Before you think about hopping on and asking either he (@wossy) or his wife (@ferretprincess) about the film, he followed that tweet up with, "I am afraid I better not answer any more queries re X Men First Class for fear of spoilers and also possible divorce. Thank you."

So it's not exactly breaking news that Vaughn would want to rewrite the script that was already having some issues. How different it will be from the current drafts remains to be seen...

Extra Tidbit: Jane Goldman as Jean Grey's mom?
Source: Twitter



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