McKidd talks more Thor

Marvel Studio is currently hard at work getting IRON MAN 2 into shape and laying down pipe for their eventual AVENGERS movie, but what about THOR?

Actor Kevin McKidd (HBO's "ROME", DOG SOLDIERS) is apparently still in the running to wrap his Scottish accent around some "Yea, verily" as the Thunder God. We've heard him associated with the project before, but the rumor was that he might instead be a secondary player as the studio was pursuing a younger actor or high-profile A-lister to wield Mjolnir. Not so, according to IGN -- McKidd says he's a contender for the lead role and there's been some recent "back and forth" about the project.

Makes sense -- Marvel already saw what "creative casting" could do for IRON MAN. It's more about putting the right person in the role instead of the biggest (better for the budget, too), and since their THOR movie is being directed by Kenneth Branagh, expect the emphasis on actors. Although THOR could prove a greater challenge for audience appeal, especially if they stick with the original script, which only took place in Asgard and the Viking era instead of modern times like the comic character.

Extra Tidbit: McKidd, Stevenson -- anyone else from ROME up for a comic book movie?
Source: IGN



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