Megan Fox in Half?

UPDATE: Shock Til You Drop is reporting that Megan Fox will NOT be in this flick after all. Still, a good excuse for an article about a Fox...

I'm fairly sure that TRANSFORMERS had a bunch of big robots chasing a cube or some nonsense, but to be honest I was too distracted by the sweat-slicked chassis of Megan Fox to pay much attention to the plot (it seems I wasn't the only one).

Fox will apparently give Michael Bay another ride -- according to Beyond Hollywood, the tasty tattooed cupcake will star in a thriller called HALF TO DEATH, from Bay's Platinum Dunes production company. The flick is described as a horror twist on GROUNDHOG DAY, about a hot chick with a great rack who does stuff over and over, like shower in slow motion. I hope.

The movie will be directed by Finnish music vid guy Antti Jokinen from a script by Scott Lobdell, who used to write some pretty awful issues of X-Men and Gen 13 comics (among others). Maybe he's had better luck as a screenwriter, but he's also credited with MAN OF THE HOUSE... so we'll see if the Fox can help.
Extra Tidbit: I'll be buying TRANSFORMERS on HD, and it ain't just for the special effects.



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